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KoolKode is a program that can be used to encode and decode messages and other texts. There are two types of encryption to choose from. The first is using an "encryption key" which is just a string of characters chosen when encoding, and you need to know the key to be able to decode the message. The second method is using a "Custom Code" which can be created by the user, in the form of a specially formatted text file. There are some sample custom codes included in the download package.

KoolKode was originally just a program I wrote to test my programming when I was 15 years old. Notice that v1.0 is labelled as a TiK-Soft product - TiK-Soft no longer exists and clicking on the ThisIsKool.com logo in the program will not bring you to the WyeSoft website, as I no longer own the domain.

Disclaimer: KoolKode only uses a simple encryption algorithm and is intended for novelty use among friends. KoolKode should not be used to encrypt important data, as its encryption methods can be broken easily with the right softare.



To install, open the ZIP file and then open the "setup.exe" file inside it.
While installing, if you are asked whether to keep or replace existing files, choose to keep them.

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KoolKode v2.00
21 May 2007 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
1.36 MB MD5: 0249D1BE56441F541F770AC18C39D01C
SHA-256: C0E744A5E49D81E8C1C1F80FDD68
KoolKode v1.0
(16-bit, portable)
21 April 2007 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
265 KB MD5: 676D5C93212E304E21DDA6F4B82764E3
SHA-256: 86233F502753CFB55833122B6DC1




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